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About Us

What is SOUL YOGA?

Soul yoga is a two day life altering meditation workshop. Soul yoga will make people aware of the divine energy that already resides within us. It is important for every single being to understand the various focal points in the body which on correct activation helps to circulate the spiritual energy essential for physical health and emotional wellbeing. The workshop constitutes of practical techniques that help you to balance your work life balance, achieve desired goals, attain inner peace and keep you in a state of eternal bliss.

Benefits of Soul Yoga

  • All the Chakras of the body will get activated.
  • Helps in clarity of mind.
  • Improves concentration and strengthens memory.
  • It will help you to control your mind and make you more focused in life.
  • Helps in attaining glowing skin and works as natural anti – ageing.
  • Improves mental as well as physiological wellbeing.
  • Helps in attaining inner peace and bliss.
  • Makes you a happy person.
  • Helps you to be successful in career by attaining the super-conscious state of mind which enables you to achieve all the goals in life.
  • Helps you build better relationships.


The sessions were both enjoyable and hugely benefical for all of us. Deepakji , drawing on his vast experience and knowledge led us through the potentially life changing experience of meditation, opening up avenues for relaxation and stress reduction , both so important in our daily lives. I know that many of us will continue this journey that Deepak ji has helped us begin and receive continued benefits.

Mr. Deepak Verma- President of Rotary Club Of Delhi Garden City

SOUL YOGA! What an apt name as meditation is Yoga for the Soul! Have been trying to learn meditation for years unsuccessfully. Thankyou Dr Deepak Mittal for initiating me into this simple yet most effective technique. After a few days of Soul Yoga I was again able to visualise OM between my eyebrows as I could upto some 15 years back. The peace I get makes me lose myself and the body feels weightless. I do get a few thoughts during my session but they come more like solutions to challenges being faced in work or otherwise. In my daily life, I feel more peace and calmness even in stressful situations. Soul Yoga has been life changing for me and is highly recommended.

Sundeep Khanna President KGROUP & Past President Rotary Club of Delhi Garden City.

SOUL YOGA is a self-healing practice for mind, body & soul and reconnect us to the super soul and I wish to desire and share my experience: The day I initiated, it was delightful and after regular practice, I felt more happiness, more blissfulness, got more power of energy. I also felt cosmic energy and aura around myself. It is like my re-birth and I observed myself a new man & I wished myself to be re-named. From today onwards, the techniques that I learnt, transformed and reshaped me physically, mentally and emotionally strong. In my opinion, these blessings are the result of Sh. Deepak Mittal Ji, who always contributes and believes in consistency & quality efforts. I felt Soul Yoga is a matter of regular practice for all sorts of well-beings in physical, mental and spiritual pathways. It helps me to scale new horizon in personal and professional growth. By regular practicing, it helps me to ease out from stress free living. Soul Yoga is a very powerful way which helps me to reduce anxiety, strengthens memory and improve concentration. It is also my firm belief that spiritual attainment and accomplishment as above by Sh. Deepak Mittal must be shared to each other for the up-liftment of one-self.

Mr. Naresh Mittal- Owner of Lovely Professional University

"For me it was the first introduction to deep meditation and the reflection of the fact that I can determine my own inner happiness. In this hectic life we are living and working in nowadays, it helps you to stay close to yourself ans be very aware of yourself. I think it was a very special experience."

- M.M.

"The location was great, a wonderful place in the centre of Amsterdam which was easily accessible. For me it was the first introduction to yoga and meditation. After the warming-up session we did the relaxation exercises and I felt quite relaxed and ready for meditation. During the meditation and because of the meditation technique I got a very nice feeling and an insight in this new technique. The second day we started immediately with the meditation, also we learned about the origin of yoga; After a dance and a very welcome gift I went home and taking with me a wonderful experience. I will definitely go on

- Roland

"The workshop was a present to myself. It was beautiful that Dr. Mittal was saying it would come on your path and it's very important to make time for meditation. The two days were fantastic, everything was well taken care off. Great warming-up and Dr. Deepak Mittal is a beautiful soul. I definitely come to the follow-up session."

- Edmay