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About Us

What is SOUL YOGA?

Soul yoga is a two day life altering meditation workshop. Soul yoga will make people aware of the divine energy that already resides within us. It is important for every single being to understand the various focal points in the body which on correct activation helps to circulate the spiritual energy essential for physical health and emotional wellbeing. The workshop constitutes of practical techniques that help you to balance your work life balance, achieve desired goals, attain inner peace and keep you in a state of eternal bliss.

Benefits of Soul Yoga

  • All the Chakras of the body will get activated.
  • Helps in clarity of mind.
  • Improves concentration and strengthens memory.
  • It will help you to control your mind and make you more focused in life.
  • Helps in attaining glowing skin and works as natural anti – ageing.
  • Improves mental as well as physiological wellbeing.
  • Helps in attaining inner peace and bliss.
  • Makes you a happy person.
  • Helps you to be successful in career by attaining the super-conscious state of mind which enables you to achieve all the goals in life.
  • Helps you build better relationships.