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About the Soul Yoga workshop

Yoga Workshop in Delhi

Soul Yoga Workshop is 2 Days (2 hours each day) consecutive FREE Life-Altering session.

In this Soul Yoga workshop, we will take you through a journey which will help you learn to balance the mind and soul with knowledge about different chakra activation, ashtang yoga and meditation techniques to attain the path to samadhi.

This workshop will benefit you to attain internal happiness, peace and ultimate bliss with a glowing skin and will act as natural anti-ageing. It will boost your energy level to the fullest which will help you to accomplish all the goals in life. You will also learn the technique to achieve the super-conscious state of mind.

The workshop constitutes of theoretical knowledge and practical techniques of meditation.

Day 1 โ€“ Asana practice, Knowledge sharing, Instructed Meditation and Power of Chakra:

We will start with Yoga Asanas, awareness regarding the importance of meditation, how to use meditation to attain the super-conscious state of mind, followed by instructed meditation technique, knowledge sharing on power of chakra & celebrating divine love through an Indian dance form.

Day2 โ€“ Asana practice, Instructed Meditation and Ashtanga Yoga:

We will start with Yoga Asanas. The sessions will be focused on meditation, in which you will learn to meditate on your own without any external guidance and experience deep meditation, knowledge sharing on Samadhi & Ashtanga Yoga followed by celebrating divine love through an Indian dance form.